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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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is not to brood over the past, but to set to work to do
better in the future. People constantly say: cc If I
had not done this or that, such^ and such things
would not have happened." That may be true
or not, but anyhow it is useless, because you have
done the thing and you must start from a new plat-
form. Start from that as a new basis. It is no use
wishing you had not done so and so. Say : u I did
that; it is a pity, but never mind. Here is this present
condition of affairs. What is the best I can do
now ? " <( Let the dead past bury its dead." Mind,
I do not say that there may not sometimes come to
us an opportunity even of altering the past, but
we know nothing about it yet. You will see hints
of that in Mr. Jinarajadasa's boo]?s.   Once or
twice our President has hinted at it, but we know
nothing of it at present, at any rate. So far as
we know, the past is past, and you cannot alter it.
The Christian has said : " God Himself cannot alter
the past." I am not so sure. At any rate, if there be
any possibility of altering it, it belongs to higher
levels and it is not for us now. Put the past aside,
just go on where you are. Do not worry about what
might have been if you had not done this or that
action. Numbers of people worry themselves ; some,
like that, about the past, and others about the future.
It is simply silliness, all this worrying about the
future, this worrying about the past; it does not
alter a single thing. It makes you less able to deal